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Lee Hi’s Side: “Tablo to produce new album, NOT signing exclusively with HIGHGRND”

Translations yvonne & cypher  cypher @ icaruswalks

August 25, 2015 14:17:18 PM
Reporter Kim Gayoung
Singer Lee Hi is currently preparing a new album alongside Tablo.
On the 25th, an official from Lee Hi’s company YG Entertainment informed TV Report that “Tablo has taken responsibility on the production of Lee Hi’s new album.”
The official added, “CEO Yang Hyunsuk requested that Tablo do the producing for her album and he readily accepted.
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YG talks about HIGHGRND in recent interview


You support HIGHGRND label, too.

“I believe that making musicians see a bigger world and create a better market for them is very important, rather than making them have cut-throat competition in a small fishbowl. EPIK HIGH has had a lot of overseas concerts after they joined YG.… Read the rest

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