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150629 Tablo’s tweet 0

150629 Tablo’s tweet

Translation: wannabe @icaruswalks



I was going to introduce one song everyday as planned but because of you guys I’m going to pause for a while ha ha



150628 Tablo’s tweets 0

150628 Tablo’s tweets

Translations : wannabe @icarus walks

I always think about stuff and organize them right after I eat breakfast, drink tea, and listen to music.… Read the rest

150626 Tablo’s tweets 0

150626 Tablo’s tweets

Translation: wannabe@icaruswalks.com

Tonight at 11PM SHOW ME THE MONEY will air on Hiphop television yahoo~ Watch it after listening to weekly Simon D!… Read the rest

150625 Tablo’s tweets- what grade did you become a ‘fan’? 0

150625 Tablo’s tweets- what grade did you become a ‘fan’?

Translations: wannabe@icaruswalks


Such a nice weather today ‪#‎BLOSHITUP‬https://instagram.com/p/4TfE72oyuN/

[‪#‎SMTM4‬] Show Me the Money Season 4 first broadcast D-2!… Read the rest

150624 Tablo’s tweets 0

150624 Tablo’s tweets

Translations: wannabe@icaruswalks


Recent update: EPIK HIGH small theater summer concert ‘NOW PLAYING’ being ready to air live, HIGHGROUND HQ completion, filming SMTM4, doing DJ in KkomKkuRa ‪#‎BLOSHITUP‬ ‪#‎BUSY‬ ‪#‎BLESSED‬

Read the rest
Ÿºí·Î-¼Ç, 'ÂøÇÑ À̹ÌÁö´Â Àá½Ã Á¢°í~' 0

150624 Tablo at SMTM4 press conference

150520 tabloisdad Instagram Updates 0

150520 tabloisdad Instagram Updates

trans: wannabe @ Icarus

Eat a lot^^

For a long time outing at Everland~^^

My love aunty EunYee HaruWillProtectYou LostValley

Daughter who is identical to rabbit! Tablo’sDaughter DummyForMyDaughter

Hey rhinoceros come here Zootopia

How to ride on the carousel Everland


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