Icarus Walks Dedicated to Epik High

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tabloisdad Instagram Updates

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DoongChik DooDongChik DoongChik DooDongChik 
*note* I think Blo is doing the beat here.*

Haru Haru Haru Haru DooDongChik Do DoDoongChik!‪#‎PracticingShadowcockGame‬

*yup Blo doing the beat lol*

150225 EPIK HIGH @ Dongduk Women’s University [fanvids] 0

150225 EPIK HIGH @ Dongduk Women’s University [fanvids]

credits:  hong_9_ma, creativejin0, joung415, hayoung_sttar, saem_s2, nayeon_n1sm, suuuuueyeon, artisuek, d03.y11 & bloomingsk via IG

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tabloisdad Instagram Updates

trans:  wannabe @ icaruswalks.com



It’s hiphop #toscanahotel


Thank you~  #‎ThanksCow‬


Lets grow well! #‎milk‬ ‪#‎MyHeightIsRising‬



Happy new year and have a good fortune this year!!!





Piggy Haru



Our Haru #‎JeJu‬

150223 EPIK HIGH @ Louis Vuitton Party 0

150223 EPIK HIGH @ Louis Vuitton Party

fan vid credits:  shinyoobin, ah_hyunn, botongnamja, kussius, rlawhdahr11, leetaehyang, sensetos, & yemong21 via IG

150222 EPIK HIGH – The Cry Concert [fanvids] 0

150222 EPIK HIGH – The Cry Concert [fanvids]

fan video credits:  minkkkk_7, hnee.h, gimhrrr, _hyunahh, __min_jeong_, ms_sushi, namsangme, godksj12, zihope, lejiyoon, jooeun_0828, geyum_ov, vladovor, jjo_ssooo, jyunny93, mykyung0708, m_in_k & stephybephyy via IG

150213 Tablo’s Tweets 0

150213 Tablo’s Tweets

trans:  wannabe@icaruswalks.com

Tonight! Sketchbook! ‪#‎EPIKHIGH‬ ‪#‎ValentinesDay

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150211 Tablo’s Tweet 0

150211 Tablo’s Tweet

@younhaholic: I was glad that I got to meet you guys in a long time. Because of this event I got out of work at 12AM I personally didn’t like my today’s singing it in live ㅜㅜ however thank you for cheering me, I’ll repay more when I comeback~ I’m terribly sorry that I laughed while singing ㅠㅜ

@blobyblo: @younhaholic we are terribly sorry ha ha Mithra especially feels sorry

Trans:  wannabe@icaruswalks.com

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