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HQ Shoebox promotional pictures

(to be updated whenever there are new ones)

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Please watch the music videos a lot ^^
“My friend Mithra fighting~ Epik high Jjang~!# buy me dinner# buy me drinks ” Thank You!
“From now on Epik High ”  Thank you KoHyong

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Translations : wannabe,zetsuu,timthemine @icaruswalks.com

It’s probably going to rain tomorrow”… It’s really raining ㅡㅡ

‘Amor Fati’ is a project duo me and JongWan’s ‘borderline’ debut(?) song. If this song is ranked in top 10 and stays like that for a long time we two should make an album right?… Read the rest

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Translation: yvonne@icaruswalks.com

  1. Shall we start now? #EPIKHIGH #SHOEBOX

  2. “@gaekogeem: Starting now, Epik High”
    thank you brother~

    *photo: https://twitter.com/Tukutz81/status/524230331512012800

  4. “@Realtaeyang: Check this out… No matter what #epikhigh #shoebox #epikhigh #shoebox http://instagram.com/p/uYZE8gQgV8/”
    Thanks, our Youngbae~

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Translations: yvonne & zetsuu @icaruswalks.com

  1. I haven’t felt this in a while. The butterflies the day before an album release! A sincere thank you to all of you who have allowed me to feel this way!
  2. Thank you to those who have trusted and waited for us.

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comeback10 comeback9 comeback8 comeback7 comeback6 comeback5 comeback4 comeback3 comeback2 comeback1





Translations : wannabe,yvonne,zetsuu @icaruswalks.com

. I am unbelievably happy to be able to do music again but I am equally nervous ㅜㅜ

  1. 12 O’Clock tonight… I am so nervous ㅜㅜ

-Insert tweet with the album sampler teaser video –

  1. RT please!
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Tablo’s translated lyrics for SHOEBOX

All translations are thanks to Tablo, of Epik High.


Misfortune and fortune’s dizzying tango.
My life itself is poetry.
Breathing is enough to channel Rimbaud.
Struggle. I take it like a vacation.
Spent a season in hell but I only got a tan.… Read the rest

Guide to supporting Epik High on charts

From @EpikHigh1023’s post 

note quite a lot of this is directed @ koreans or people living in Korea
whilst we cannot do those parts we can still do stuff like buying albums / SNS things

Translation:Zetsuu & tim@icaruswalksnet
@deelakkuma | @timthemine from twitter

Information for High Skools on how to purchase music
Where to buy albums here 
 For Hanteo Chart & Music Bank
- Synnara: Online and offline retail (Small offline stores do not apply)
- Hot Tracks: Online and offline retail
★★ Only For Hanteo Chart
- Lees Music | Apple Music | Kyobo Bookstore (Online) | Yesasia| Dvdheaven | kpoptown | kpopmart
★ For Hanteo Chart (But high possibility of omission)
- YES24 | Aladin | Interpark | CDBOX | CoolTracks |
* Charts listed below do not apply *
- Small offline Synnara stores | Small offline stores affiliated with Hanteo | Offline large super markets (E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Home Plus, etc.) | Online large markets (G-Market, 11st, Auction, etc.)
Unless Ebay stores specifically specify they contribute to Hanteo charts ,they don’t.… Read the rest

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what is your dream?

sweet watermelon


you can fly!

Born Hater @blobyblo

best songs ever @blobyblo

I have to wait 15 years to watch daddy’s new video…ㅠㅠ #epikhigh



Translations : wannabe@icaruswalks.com

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“@wjdtmffrlsulki60: @blobyblo do you have any plan to work with JongWan oppa?”

“@wph5815: @blobyblo what is your favorite song in this album?” In this album I made every single song out of twelve songs to be created as masterpieces. Please enjoy every single of them!… Read the rest