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Hello everyone, we have been given an opportunity to do a wreath project for Epik High’s first solo concert in a long time.
Altogether the wreath costs $150, in order to meet this amount we need donations from international high skools.… Read the rest

EPIK HIGH “don’t care about music charts but keep checking it”

Translation: zetsuu@icaruswalks.com
Source: Ajunews

Epik High was asked “Do you check music charts?” and they replied “yes”.

They revealed it at the interview on the album SHOEBOX  release on 27th at a cafe around seoul.

Epik High added “We actually don’t want to look like we actually check (the charts).But we have no choice because if the ranking falls we can’t be the forever no.1″

They also added “We look like we won’t look at it (the charts,but when we go toilets we will look at it secretly,”.”…if we come out of the toilet smiling we would jokingly ask (the person coming out) “did you see it or not?” “

Epik High “Since debut, right now is the happiest.. We’re thankful and will enjoy it”

Translation: vivi@icaruswalks.com
Source: xsportnews

Epik High that reached 11 years since debut revealed that they are the happiest right now.
Tablo said, “After debut, the greatest moment seems to be the present. After releasing our album, I sent a text message to the members that said, ‘This moment might never come again.… Read the rest

Epik High, “The secret to the popularity of their 8th album? It’s luck… The feminine album cover is our taste”

Translation: vivi@icaruswalks.com
Source: baekn

Epik High talked about the popularity of their 8th album.
Tablo started by saying, “I believe it’s luck.”
To this Tukutz added, “If you think of music as a strategic move when you make it, the finished product isn’t actually music.… Read the rest

Epik High, “Worked independently in YG.. Yang Hyun Suk treated us as if we were lion cubs”

Translation: vivi@icaruswalks.com
Source: Joynews
Epik High revealed how YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Seok, participated in their album. Although they’re under a large company, the way Epik High works on their album was hardly different than in the past. They worked on their album independently while in YG.… Read the rest

The reason Epik High’s album was late? Because of Mithra’s deep slump

Translation: zetsuu@icaruswalks.com
Source: TVreport

[TV REPORT = Kim YeNa writer ] The group Epik High confessed that the reason their album release is late is because of Mithra’s deep slump.

During the interview on 27th with Epik High during their 8th album-SHOEBOX release,Epik High mentioned “Actually it was supposed to be last year during our 10th anniversary since debut.We’ve actually prepared for the album and the concert since the 10th anniversary.But because of Mithra’s serious slump,we can’t do anything,”

Tablo said “We’re worried about our fans as we can’t do our concert and release our album on our 10th anniversary.We were really sorry.And that way,1 year has passed,” he also added “Actually the album was supposed to be released on 14th October but because we have to shoot our music video again,we have to push the date.We’ve agreed that the album must be released by 23rd no matter what happens.It has to be so we could celebrate our 11th anniversary together” he reasoned.… Read the rest

141024 Tracklist + Blonote


The Shape of my heart is totally different from what other people think
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141022 Tracklist + Blonote


I think I’ve held on to the knot for too long. Now I don’t even remember if I was making more knots or untying the knot.
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141021 Tracklist + Blonote


Now I understand why people write ‘desire’ (바램) as ‘wind'(바람)
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141019 Tracklist + Blonote


It is not fiction when you’ve heard a story and do not believe in it.

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