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141127 Setlist of Epik High’s Parade in Tokyo


  1. Encore
  2. Fly
  3. <MC>
  4. Up
  5. Burj Khalifa (Tablo’s & Mithra’s ver)
  6. It’s Cold
  7. Umbrella
  8. Day of Peace
  9.  <MC>
  10. Map The Soul
  11. Spoiler
  12. Happen Ending (Lee Hi ver)
  13. Wrong
  14. Love Love Love
  15. Eyes Nose Lips (Tablo solo w/ Tukutz)
  16. Kill This Love
  17. High Technology
  18. One
  19. New Beautiful
  20. <MC>
  21. Fan
  22. Born Hater (only Tablo’s & Mithra’s part)
  23. Don’t Hate Me

141121 Dreaming Radio w/ Kim Jongwan of Nell

image image

141122 HQ Shanghai Parade fanpics (by:我猜对了给我钱)

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Uicake’s instagram updates

Translations: wannabe@icaruswalks.com

This is a love letter from my husband and he wrote and read it on our marriage day plus Christmas card LOL LOL LOL LOL other letter that is around the photo will be omitted and keep them for our sake

141123 Tablo’s tweets

Translations: wannabe@icaruswalks



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Epik High in Vogue (pics only)

20141100000001660_1 20141100000001662_1 20141100000001661_1

141123 Beijing fancam of Epik High performing “With You”

source: Kimjinwoo-YG@weibo

141123 Beijing fancam of Epik High performing Happen Ending + Talk + HBD Tukutz


141122 Born Hater & Spoiler Fancam at Parade in Shanghai

141122 fanphotos of Parade in Shanghai (by:xxxhyuk)

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