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140727; Tablo’s tweets Q/A



“@JY0210: @blobyblo how is your chick* and Haru?^^^” They both are living really well! Haru is taking care of it really well~

“@vippatnyoung: @blobyblo what do you want Haru to become as she gets older? ^0^” I want her to have a job that make her to become happy which will also make other people happy

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140726 Ui’s instagram


uicake @ instagram : He wore the same shoes as uncle Blo and crying out loud to other people to express Tablo isn’t his daddy
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140726 Tablo’s tweets


10520161_1447131632240559_2128341562_nFor twelve years this engineer has filled my life with my laugh tears quietude through music SeungHyun hyung is going to be married today! Fans please congratulate him through @mrsync!http://instagram.com/p/q5-GqqIyhe/
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140725 Tablo’s tweets




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140723 Tracklist + Blonote



사람이 내는 가장 슬픈 소리는 뭘까요?
What’s the saddest sound that people make?
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140723 Tablo’s tweets

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@babospmc: family values
Photo by boobagraphy

@blobyblo: @babospmc beautiful…





“@mnet_smtm:[‪#‎showmethemoney3‬] quotes from Show me the Money 3 ver:5 !‪#‎if_there_are_more_quotes_not_posted_then_post_comment_to_remind_us‬ ‪#‎Mnet‬] ha ha

Words in the photo from top to bottom:
1. -The sky’s color is purple… And I’m going half insane
2. -Show me the money FUCKIN haters~
3. -Guri bang.. Bang… Pretty… Evil…
4. -What I’m looking for is spiritual
5. -Hey Haru you want me to buy you a dolphin???


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SMTM3 full episode subs

note these subs are NOT by us ~
simply click on the video authors page to see all the episode subs

(we cannot provide subbed cuts as we don’t have translators for this)

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140722 Tablo’s tweets

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Today at KkomKkuRa(dreaming radio) three members of Epik High will gather up^^

Since it’s my birthday today it is raining outside even though it’s not supposed to rain ha don’t forget to prepare for an umbrella!

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140722 Tracklist + Blonote


철들지 않았을 땐 부모님에게 이렇게 말했었습니다. “그렇게 못마땅하면 왜 저를 낳으셨어요?” 이젠 이렇게 말합니다. “왜 저를 낳으셔서 이리 고생하세요?”


When I was immature I told my parents this.
“If you guys think I’m not better than other people then why did you make me born?” 
Now I say this
“Why did you guys make me born to go through all these troubles?” -
Translation: wannabe@icaruswalks.com

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140721 Tracklist + Blonote







꿈쩍도 하지 않는 당신의 마음이 누구의 마음을 움직이겠어요
How are you going to make and change someone else’s feeling when you cannot even maintain your own composure and change your own feelings
Translation: wannabe@icaruswalks.com

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