131002 another awesome fanaccount of Epik High in China (feat. 2NE1,BEG & PSY)

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Translated by:  Yenzho@icaruswalks.com
Original fanccount by: Single夜B魅 @weibo


Fanaccount, Epik High parts highlighted.


Yup, I’m ready to type this fanaccount essay.

Me and my friend arrived at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International airport on 30th

of October, we arrived at the airport once again to wait. Psy reached around 10am. He was dressed

really humbly , a hat, shades and light colored jacket. He smiled really friendly at us. Even though there

were lots of security and it was really crowded, Psy was still smiling and waving kindly. But he walked

way too fast, I didn’t have time to recognise who is he and I have no clear pictures of him.

Then 2NE1 came out. CL came out the first and she rushed to the fans to take pictures real quick.

Following behind was Park Bom and Dara, Park Bom was playing her phone on her way out and she

went in the wrong direction. She then turned around laughing as she found that she was in the wrong

direction. All 4 of them were really petite and humble. In the crowd, I could only see Dara’s hair. CL

walked really fast, with the pushing of thr crowd I took photos of Minzy and Park Bom’s hair and I gave

Park Bom a huge soft toy, she received it happily. I saw that she hugged it tightly before she entered

the car, she is super adorable. While they were walking in the airport, they were waving and smiling,

it seems like they were in a good mood. Even after entering the car, they did not leave immediately,

hence we crowded around the car. CL and Minzy sitting in the second row, Park Bom and Dara in the

third. Minzy kept smilling towards the windows of the van, we were all shouting ‘unnie’. Then I shouted,

“Chaerin Unnie!”, she smiled at me and I felt satisfaction.

Then came the BEG unnies, Gain came out first, she was super nice. She is super petite, has perfect

complexion, she wore shads and a hat. She walked really slowly and was really thoughtful. Some of the

fans gave her food which she received well.

We were ready to receive Epik High, little did we know they already arrived since yesterday, as well as

Son Dam Bi unnie. There were more koreans walking out, they were all crews and dancers.

We then went to the concert venue, as we were eating, we heard Psy’s music. We begged the uncle

that was working to let us in for their rehearsals but he said he couldn’t as he can’t go in himself. We

tried to figure out ways on how we could go in….then we heard Epik High’s song, we thought they were

just doing sound checks. But we heard the voice of Tablo. We tried to take a sneak peek through the

backstage but the security was strict hence we just stood outside to listen. We then heard that 2NE1

were not going to rehearse. Epik High were suppose to immediately head back to the hotel for some

interview with 2NE1. We then took a cab, while we were waiting for the cab, we heard Son Dam Bi


We rushed to the hotel. There were already people waiting, they told us Epik High did pass by and

Tablo also gave a few autograph really sincerely and he wrote To: xx. We were then hyped to wait for

them. Epik High and some of the staff came down after a while. At first, I didn’t know they came down.

As Tablo was really small sized, I then recognizee Epik High when I saw Mithra, then I instantly took

many photos of them. They went into a room on the first level. Then they came out and went into a

conference room. Me and my friend decide to shout “Oppa JJANG”, they then turned and looked at us

and gave us a nod. (They were really busy.)


Then they came back, my friend went up to Tablo straight away for an autograph, the assistant beside

him was blocking her. However, Tablo stretched over his assistant to take her pen and photo. My friend

was so estatic, she forgotten how to say thank you in korean. I then shouted, “Oppa, kamsahamida

(thank you)”. Tablo then passed his autograph over to my friend with two hands and he kept over

bowing in gratitude. My friend came back crying as she was so touched. I shouted again, “Oppa,

kamsahamida!!!”. Apparently Mithra got frightened by my loud voice. He turned and gave me a bow

and said, “Daebak!”

Epik High then returned to the lobby.

My friends went up to level 3 as they heard that 2NE1 was there. They saw CL and Dara. My friends all

asked Dara for her autograph, CL then walked in front and looked at them act if asking them why didn’t

they ask for her autograph. My friend then went up to CL with Park Bom’s photo for her autograph in


We went back to the concert venue and waited for the concert to wait. BEG performed first. Epik High

was 2nd to perform. Tablo and Mithra kept coming forward towards the audience. When the third song

was played, Tukutz came out too. He walked towards me so I shouted, “Oppa, Saranghae (I love you)”.

He smiled and looked at me for a few second.

Son Dam Bi performed then 2NE1 performed. It was a pity that 2NE1 wasn’t as near as Epik High to

audience while performing. Psy performed and he danced “Gentlemen”, he is so cute.

We went to the airport the next day at 5:30am. We stayed there the entire day. The crew and dancers

all came to the airport first. Then came, Son Dam Bi, at 9am. She was dressed black from head to toe

and has no security. At first I thought she was a YG dancer because she was so low profile. But it was

revealed later that she was Son Dam Bi by one of us who addressed her, I then shouted, “Son Dam Bi

unnie, saranghae.” She turned around, waved and posed. Her figure was perfect and her legs are so

thin. We went to the entrance to wait for 2NE1, me and my friend took out the ‘CL’ banners and placed

it at the entrance. We saw BEG and they were somewhere else in China. 2NE1 then came and they

were in the same sitting position. CL was playing with her ipad. Minzy smiled at us, Bom and Dara were

looking at something on the phone together. CL exited the car first, then Minzy, Bom and Dara exited

later. CL adjusted her pants before walking. She walked very fast once again. I walked with her however

I could not catch up. I saw that she didn’t wear any eye make up. I wanted to pass CL something but I

lost her. I then passed the item to my friend. She was afraid CL won’t be able accept the gift hence she

passed it to Bom. Bom received the gift and gave autograph. She was hurried by the guards, she then

panicked and signed in a rush. Her expression looked like she was out of breath. I was behind of Bom,

she is super skinny and has a slender waist and legs. We then waited for Epik High. (Note: 2NE1’s flight

was at 10 50am, Epik High at 3:15pm, however they pushed back Epik High’s flight due to Tablo’s injury,

to 5:10pm)

We waited for Epik High and Psy. Psy came at around 4pm, he was super low profile. I went beside him

and said, “Psy oppa, annyeonghaseyo (hello)”. He walked and replied with a smile, “Annyeonghaseyo”.

He was super nice and wasn’t filled with “I’m a superstar” aura. Once Psy went into the custom, we ran

out and we saw Epik High smoking outside, leaning on the railings. When we saw Tablo’s injured arm,

we were really sad. At first, we wanted his autograph but we kept the papers and pens quietly. After

they finished their smoke, they came in. We said, “Take care of yourself”. Tablo replied with his eye

smile, “I’ll be okay.” This guy was super nice. We prepared gifts for Mithra and Tukutz and gave it to

them. I passed my gift bag to Tukutz. He said, “Kamsahamida” with a bow. They stood at the entrance

and looked for somewhere to drink coffee, their assistant came to ask us. We directed them. When they

were standing there, I actually asked Tablo, “What’s wrong?”, he replied, “Nothing” with a smile.

I heard from someone who worked at the counter for sending off flights that Tablo saw the amount of

gifts in Mithra and Tukutz and he jokingly shouted, “wo de (mine in chinese)”

We followed them to the coffee place, they were all playing with their phones while the assistant

ordered coffee. Mithra and Tukutz went to the toilet, when they came back, they smiled at us. My

friend thought they left, then Tukutz shouted, “heng!” and gave my friend a scare. They then went out

to have another smoke. When they came back from the entrance, they were suppose to board the

plane.We kept talking to them with some simple korean.When they were about to leave, me and my

friend showed a heart shape sign with our hands. Tablo gave back a heart shape sign using his left hand.

Mithra and Tukutz were super cool and they pointed their index fingers at us when they left.

On our way back, we kept talking about Epik High. They are a bunch of nice guys and we decide to be

their fans. Actually, this is the first time I go around, chasing stars, and I’m actually really happy and

satisfied. I made a promise with my friend that we will definitely do this again next year.


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