[INT] Tablo’s 100 questions

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1. Name: Lee Seon-ung aka Tablo aka Daniel Armand Lee

2. Birthdate: July 22, 1980

3. Blood Type: A

4. Height: 175cm

5. Weight: These days I’ve lost a lot (it’s stressful)

6. Schools Attended: Daegok Elementary – St. George’s – SIS – Stanford University

7. Waist & Shoe Size: Waist? Shoes is 275.

8. Vision: I live without eyeglasses

9. Hobbies: Rap, movies, meeting people, literature, thinking

10. Specialties: Rap, literature

11. Habits: Conspiracy theories

12. The precognitive dream of your birth: A scene of my mother swimming in a sea full of pearls

13. Favorite color: Blue

14. Favorite food: Sushi

15. Favorite sport: Football, running fast

16. A sport you want to learn if you have time: Chess

17. A food you make well: Ramyeon, sandwiches

18. A place you go often: Apgujeong, Yeouido, unknownDJ’s workshop

19. A brand you like: Stussy, Puma

20. Personal charm: Psychosis

21. Most charming body part: The pupil of my eye, haha

22. Advantages: Passion

23. Disadvantages: Sensitive

24. 18 Times: Because I love you

25. Favorite perfume or makeup: Burberry perfume

26. Drinking capacity: 2 bottles of soju

27. Tobacco: Oh shit

28. Religion: Christian

29. Siblings: 1 hyung, 1 noona

30. A pet you want to keep: Panda

31. Sleeping habits: Rap

32. Partner: unknownDJs

33. Favorite motto: Even if you fall, get up, for even in depravity the Lord is with you

34. Favorite word in English: melancholy

35. Favorite word (in Korean): 고독 (meaning “solitude”)

36. Favorite subject: Literature

37. What job you want to do if you have time: Rap

38. Jinx: Love

39. Funniest movie you’ve ever seen: Zoolander

40. The movie that left the deepest impression: Chungking Express

41. A place you want to go: Heaven

42. Transportation: My two feet are the best

43. The first place your spending money goes: To my dongsaengs

44. Sleeping time: 4 hours

45. Favorite performer: Ryu Seungbeom

46. Favorite musician: Everything

47. Favorite genre of music: Hip hop, rock, soul

48. The scariest thing in the world: Betrayal

49. Disliked food: Pasta

50. First thing you do in the morning: Pray

51. Favorite accessory: Rings, necklaces

52. Wish: Epik High Epik High Epik High

53. Methods of relieving stress: Rap

54. Favorite snack food: Strawberry

55. Most beloved person: Parents

56. #1 on list of assets: Friends

57. #2 on list of assets: Teachers

58. Wedding plans: When I find someone I love

59. Family plans: To be discussed with the person I love

60. BEST FRIEND: All of my friends

61. Most memorable vacation: 15 minutes in Japan

62. Number of CDs owned: Many

63. Qualifications: High school teacher

64. Complexties: Belief

65. Favorite season: Autumn

66. Past life: There’s only now

67. If you could be born as an animal in the next life: Studies

68. The self ten years from now: Tablo

69. A gift you’d give to a friend, and why: A song… because I love them

70. First love: Love Song

71. If you could become invisible?: Go around looking for another invisible man, haha

72. Something you want to tell yourself: Don’t cry.

73. Something you want to say to others: I’m sorry.

74. The thing I regret most in my life: My parents’ tears.

75. A time you want to go back to: University

76. A place you often go with friends: Apgujeong, Hongdae

77. Skills with computers: Just to an average extent

78. The time you last remember crying: Every night

79. The gift you want to receive for Christmas: Truth

80. The gift you want to receive for your birthday: Love

81. First kiss (with who, when, where, how): When I was 5, with a friend, in my house, while eating

82. The age and location of the first time you went to a nightclub with friends: I don’t know

83. Future dream when you were a child: Rock star

84. Ideal type: An attractive woman

85. A man who is the ugliest: Kevin

86. A woman who is the ugliest: A woman who becomes unattractive with other women

87. If the world ends tomorrow: I should apologize

88. Does your face clearly show whether you’re happy or sad: Yes

89. Is your voice on the phone loud or soft: Very loud

90. Something you always have in your pocket: Wallet

91. Between the sly raccoon and the conniving fox: Conniving fox

92. Clothes that receive a lot of praise from the opposite sex: Hats

93. The world after 100 years from now: Depravity

94. If you could watch public executions on TV: I wouldn’t watch

95. If you could save 5 lives by getting a 5cm tattoo: I would do it

96. Something that shapes you: Bible verses

97. If you had to choose between being blind or deaf: I’d rather die

98. Ever wanted to become the reason for someone else: Yes

99. If yes, when: When meeting a woman with good fashion sense

100. The job you want to have right now is: I do it every day


Source: (no longer available)
Translation by Emily @ Icarus Walks

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  • Benny Thai

    This must have been the time when Tablo was alienated by his peers, I’m glad he’s gotten over such an ordeal. Seeing him happy on Return of Superman really makes me happy too. 😀 Thanks for the translation.

  • Fuck, Tablo is my soulmate… What do I do now? :'(

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