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Today we reached 10,000 followers on Twitter !!! This may decrease suddenly but we still hit the target :DDD

Thank you for choosing to follow us and being interested in Epik High .
This is a big milestone for us so we’re just going to reaffirm who we are , what we do , why etc

Icarus Walks , which was originally  hosted as  forum under icarus-walks.net eventually transformed into a website icaruswalks.com . While we did have some difficulty with some stuff in the beginning of our transformation everything from then on became awesome . Our transformation was more based on helping people access information easier while forums were popular pre-2010 the nature of receiving information had changed, particularly with international highskools so we wanted to accommodate you guys better.
Our main staff consisting of now 2-3 people got together in 2010 after the collapse of the Map The Soul Forums . One of our main focuses back then was sorting through news articles relating to the 2010 incident and delivering to what we believed was proper information to international fans  since the top “kpop sites” weren’t doing their part and only contributing to negativity in the fandom.

Since then our focuses have only grown but our core focus is always Epik High, and always will be. We also choose to update on Epik High’s close associates (family + MYK) because we see these as extensions of Epik High that many are bound to be interested in within time (also our main staff are big fans of MYK -along with many older fans) . You may ask “what about other MTS artists” The answer to that is that they’re not as much actively connected to Epik High at present , one of our translators does translate mts members tweets in this facebook group , so if you’re interested you can read them there.
We also support HIGHGRND activities  and artists but we will do more occasional updates rather than full updates on them because then we would have too many things to update on and we definitely do not have the power/ability  to do that . Instead we recommend you following fanbases of the artists within HIGHGRND. There is an active i-fanbase for Hyukoh – you can follow them on twitter and tumblr. 

While we definitely are falling short in some areas such as translations we still try to work with what we got , as soon as we’re able to get an item translated we will straight away pass it on to you and spread it . At present we only know as much as you do and yes we also want to know more but it’s not a simple task of just getting something translated . Our active translators also work hard and in effort to bring what they can to us. We work with what we got and appreciate everything we do finish or present to you , and if we wait, we wait . I think something people learn in this fandom is patience which is not a bad trait to have to say in the least .  — Despite this we apologize for not being able to fulfill this area for fans as it is a core area.


Anyways we hope you will continue to follow and support us/Epik High !!!
We didn’t expect to last a long while at first but because many have ongoing interest we have a responsibility to continue for fans 😀
Make sure to support Epik High by buying their future albums ~ you can also check our right panel for some of their merch 🙂
If you want to help us in the translation (kor-eng, chn-eng) department feel free to email us icaruswalksnet@gmail.com 


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Icaruswalks.com previously icarus-walks.net is the only active international community for epik high fans

  • Rachel

    Congrats, Icarus Walks! ^__^

  • icys brani

    Congrats! I’m happy to be part of this fandom. I remember I waited for them for a long time… Thank you for everything :).

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Translators Needed

We're in need of korean-english translators. Please note you may need to be fairly active (at least 1-2 days a week) for translations To help, email icaruswalksnet@gmail.com asap!