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Your Weekly High #1

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Inspired by HIGHGRND’s newsletter we decided to create something similar, where the focus would be mostly on Epik High (& their respective families updates about them(their sns ) / personal ventures i.e HyeJung’s + Dahyun’s acting  etc ) We will also include some updates about HIGHGRND artists (we will aim to source international information about them i.e their fanbase translations  for updates like interviews / tours etc – something which will differentiate our updates from HIGHGRND’S official newsletter)
*Note that right now Epik High are in a sns hiatus mode so updates may vary from time to time , we’ll try our best. Also not all HIGHGRND artists have International bases so we may not be able to provide all translations for all their happenings – we will try to link when we can, feel free to dm us if you open a base !
We’re not sure how often we will release the newsletter (will be a post on our site rather than an email thing) since there aren’t many Epik High updates/ We are busy people in real life too… we’ll see how we go with what we have!

Welcome to your 1st Weekly* High , we’ll be covering things mostly from last month this week.

Epik High activties:

General :

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Tablo’s works

Tablo wrote the lyrics & composed (with Future Bounce) Sechskies’ Sad Song & Be Well for their 20th Anniversary

Sad Song English translation/ MV
Be Well English Translation/ MV

Sechskies reached #2 on MusicCore this week and YG posted a group chat on Instagram where Tablo is.
The group chat consisted of Sechskies members thanking YG for coming #2 and Tablo posted a sticker with the caption “violently congratulations”

Mithra’s Nightly Radio. 

To find out how to listen to his DJ segment please read our post here
Radio Segments:

Follow Mithra’s radio on Twitter & Instagram
You can find the daily playlists here

N/A updates on Tukutz but according to his IG bio he’s making beats while drinking beer so if you are in the mood for it , have a nice drink of something and give an air “cheers” to Tukutz for making awesome beats! (if you’re legal , drink responsibly)

April : 

Epik High performed at the Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival.
Some HD fanpictures can be found here, courtesy of @EpikHigh1023 on twitter. Please respect their requests of not editing & provide full credit if you share



May Schedule:

12th of May – Sungkyunkwan University
12th of May – Chugye University for the Arts
14th of May – YG X  Unicef Walking Festival
18th of May – Korea Tourism College
28th of May – Seoul Jazz Festival

August Schedule: 

We The Fest @ Indonesia
Tickets now on sale!

Unofficial project updates

Project: Make Tablo dance (because why not)
Eyes Nose Lips” reached  10 million views 06/05 2017
Born Hater needs approx 317860 more views

Epik High Family updates

Haru turned 7!!!
Tabloisdad IG:

Thank You #birthdaygirl #happybirthday #bday #생일 #love #7

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*note it seems like a fortnightly newsletter

New Releases of HIGHGRND:

Hyukoh 23
Album Released : April 24
English Translation of  [Album 23] Song’s lyrics : SmochiLyrics
Official MVs : Leather Jacket , Tomboy, Wanli

Available on : Itunes,Google,Spotify, Amazon, Ebay

Other Albums :
20 Amazon Streaming, CD , Vinyl

22 Amazon(CD) , Vinyl

Recommend Hyukoh Updaters @bandhyukoh, @hyukohph

Future Releases of HIGHGRND

The Black Skirts

Part 1 Album Release Date : 30th of May 2017
The album is expected to have a total of 3 parts

On March 31st Bryan Cho (The Black Skirts) put on IG an image suggesting he was coming back , however he meant to put it as an April Fools joke / he was a day early. However this time his comeback is for real!

MV filming

holideez IG :Shooting our new video in LA 🥑 (photo by namqkang) #eastsidestillthebestside

Previous Albums

201 Amazon
Hollywood Amazon
Don’t Worry Baby Amazon

Current HIGHGRND Activities 

Punchnello will appear as a contestant on SMTM6 which is rumoured to begin in June.  Recommend update account on Punchnello : @youngsinarchves
is currently on a US tour as part of Club Eskimo with Dean from May 6th to May 14th , more information is available here
The fanupdate twitter Offonoff is giving out Club Eskimo banners for this tour

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*Regarding “Weekly Highs” we’re not sure how frequent they may be, they might be weekly,fortnightly or once every 3 weeks depending on what goes on.

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